Someone didn’t quite do a job well, why do Six Sigma?

An executive once said,

“Someone down in the line didn’t do his/her job well and we just need to coach this person.  Why do we still need to do Six Sigma?”

Know why?  What is the value of doing Six Sigma in this situation?

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FREE Open-Source Six Sigma For Certification Books!


lassib (1)

LASSIB or Lean and Six Sigma International Board which is based in India is sharing their open source Six Sigma training materials.  You will be able to download it conveniently from here soon!

Please note that their training materials are under Creative Commons license.  Meaning, nobody is allowed to make profit from it and no changes is allowed in the material, thus, “share-alike”.

creative commons

After you read through and practice what you learn by completing a project, you can pursue certification with them at a certain affordable fee.  In case you need assistance please do send an inquiry email to us.

LASSIB is only one of the global certifying body based in India which we are recommending.  We also have the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) and the Six Sigma Council which are both based in U.S.A.


Can we send candidates to the Six Sigma training without a project?


“Can we send candidates to the Six Sigma Green Belt training without assigned projects OR do we assign projects first before sending the candidates to the training?”  

I was once asked by a friend working in a company who is about to roll out their own Six Sigma program starting first with the first batch of Green Belt Training.

My recommendation was:  Assign first a viable project to a candidate before sending him/her to the Six Sigma training.

CONS: Project planning will have to be done with top executives which could take time before deciding what project to assign to the Green Belt Candidate.

Workaround is to ensure there is a pool of planned projects at the start of every year from which projects can be chosen and assigned to the Belt Candidate.

PRO:  First, the candidates go to the training with something to work on after every lecture.  It is likely that they will apply what they learned on the assigned projects they bring in to the training class.

Without an assigned project to work on during the Six Sigma trainings, usually ends in a scenario where the candidate completes the training and passes the exam with all knowledge based on theoretical understanding of the lessons.  Secondly, it becomes likely that the Belt candidate will forget everything without actual application thus defeating the purpose of sending him/her to the training.

So, if you’re company is currently planning to send candidates to the Six Sigma training it is recommended that a carefully selected Six Sigma project be assigned first before they attend the sessions.