Quick and Easy Lean Six Sigma: Free Training Handout

Hi Folks!
It’s been quite some time right?
My apologies. A lot has happened on my side of the fence and our family’s picking up the pace after the loss of our beloved head of the family.

Anyways, a lot of good things happened also which kept me pre-occupied.
Recently, I was also invited to a talk about “Quick and Easy Lean Six Sigma” that works and without the fuss of the certification.

I’m freely sharing the presentation material. Just click on the link below. This will be uploaded to my slideshare page soon http://www.slideshare.net/jeremyjaylim

You may use it for your own in-house training but kindly refrain from commercially using it. I’d appreciate it a lot if you will also put some appropriate attribution to my work.

In case you have further queries, send me a message here.



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