How Agile is your Business?


How Agile is your Business?

What is Organizational Agility? Is your organization, company or business agile enough to adapt to ever changing needs, changing market conditions requiring changes in the process fast?
Here is a snapshot from the survey results of Project Management Institute (PMI) on Organizational Agility.



Innovation Apetite

Ye All Business Leaders – What is your Appetite for Innovation?
See the Innovation Matrix from the expert Tim Kastelle

37 Ways to Innovate – Idea 10: Miniaturization


37 Ways to Innovate - Idea 10: Miniaturization

Innovation Tip of the Day:
37 Ways to Innovate – Idea 10: Miniaturization

This idea suggests creating value-adding products by making it “light-weight” or by making a “stripped-down” version.
Similar to a bulky LCD projector, the lightweight portable projector was invented for mobile professionals who always find the need to present something to a small audience anytime and anywhere.
For a small audience, they don’t need an intricate projector with all the high-end features. They would only need a basic projector that can show their presentation even at a lower resolution of 640 X 480 instead of the high-definition 1024 X 680. Mobile professionals and mobile salesmen only need a portable projector with stripped-down basic projector features.

Do you think of any other product or service from which you can create new value-adding product by stripping down to the bare and necessary features?