37 Ways to Innovate – Idea 11: Tell The Story of Your Product


This idea suggests we highlight the product’s authenticity and value by sharing how it came to be or by sharing it all started.  Examples are KFC, Facebook and Starbucks.  KFC proudly shares that the original chicken was introduced by Colonel Harland Sanders during the Great Depression Period in America around 1930s in North Corbin, Kentucky USA .   Facebook started as a social media site in a college dorm room.  Starbucks started as seller of coffee and evolved into a coffee shop.
Why do people love to know the story of the product’s origin?
With a historical background that can enrich the customer’s experience by putting a story behind how the product was made, how it came to be or how it evolved through the years from its conception to creation.  Some customers find comfort knowing what goes into the product.

Some customers also put value to a product which has been existing and being patronized for some time even across generations. Such that the historical background of the product reminds of their parents buying the product when they were kids. It may even remind them of their childhood when they use to buy the said product and was able to have an enjoyable experience that time. That historical knowledge gives comfort to the customers that the product is proven reliable and has been patronized over ages.


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