37 Ways to Innovate – Idea 6: Disrupt Your Industry


This idea suggests introducing new “disrupting” business innovations into the market. This usually entails capitalizing on the niche market or niche products that the business giants have overlooked and have not explored. This results to a disrupting innovative product with a unique value perspective.

One good example is the successful story of the iPad. In the beginning, many smirked at the idea of the usefulness of the tablet because we were so used to the robustness of the laptop or desktop computers. However, in time, many realized that simplicity, touchscreen and portability made sense. Then people began to appreciate the tablet’s value and actually became willing to pay its ‘not so affordable’ price. Remember that best value tablets are even as expensive as the affordable laptops or netbooks?
That is the power of disruptive innovation. We get to pull the customers away from the norm and into this new innovative product and make it a sustainable succes.

For more details you may refer to topics or books Blue Ocean strategy and Disruptive Innovation.


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