37 Ways to Innovate – Idea 5: Go Green



This idea suggests that we can also design our products and services to go green.  That means to use more earthly-friendly or natural ingredients to be able to lessen  non-recyclable waste or by-product.  This attracts customers who are environmental conscious and would like to avail of the services that leaves non-recyclable wastes or carbon footprints.  Example of this is Facebook and Google who have claimed that they use energy-efficient computers to continuously serve the general public.

 This also attracts customers with sensitive needs and prefer to use products with natural ingredients.

This is same with the case of Body Shop who advocates and sells earth-friendly body care products.  Many customers buy from them because they believe that it uses natural ingredients and does not leave harmful environmental waste.

Cost-wise it may be pricier to produce in some cases but because of the Go Green advocacy certainly many customers will still buy your product and avail of your service even at a certain premium.


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