Creative Confidence – an ingredient for Innovation

Creative confidence : the courage to stand out and introduce or try out a new innovative idea, product or process. Creative confidence is not taught or developed through training or workshops. Creative confidence is something we support, encourage and cultivate.
Creative confidence leads to innovation so it is the foundation of all company’s growth.
Here are some ways to strengthen Creative Confidence straight from the author David Kelley.
a.) Defeat your fears and phobias with guided mastery. Find a coach who can guide you through the process
b.) Turn fear into familiarity. Study and understand the unknowns within the subject you want to know about and improve on.
c.) Achieve Self-Efficacy. Self-efficacy is the sense that you can change the world and you can attain what you set out to do.
d.) Find your place of creative confidence and help others find theirs.

Good luck on your way to attaining maximum Creative Confidence!Imagec


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